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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Im havin a paaarty!!! OH YEAH

Im not actually having a party.

In other news, I have stopped updating consistently. I updated consistently in the past in the hopes that by habitually posting I would get better typey/writey skills, but it didn't seem to be working, due in part to the fact that many posts did not have much quality involved. So now I am consistently posting Quality Posts, although not time wise consistent. Except that it is consistently inconsistant.

I was sick on munday and tuesday, fieldtripping wednesday and today, so I'm only in school tommorow. I am doing a project, and my partner won't come onto MSN for our teleconference. I may end up doing it myself, because we were supposed to be choosing a topic for our project. Oh well.

Anyways, in case I have not already done so, I will disclose my current courses for this and next year, in a random order.

This Year!
-Socials [studies]
-Math Principles

Nekst Yeer...!
-English Advanced Placement(AP)
-Math Principles
-Senior Planning (SrP)
-Music Composition

Okay, bye

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I feel so sad that I have abandoned you guys. Well... I'm back!

I have been doing exceptionally well in science this year. As you may be surprised to find out, I do a lot of coasting on my intelligence, and less hard work. But apparantly, that is just fine for Mr black. I think that he is a good teacher. I also believe that he is weird. He's got this weird eye that makes it seem like he is looking at the empty space right next to you. It can be confusing.

In other news, my french class is so easy. Most of the people who take french just took it because they needed a second language credit or whatever. So the teacher needs to compensate by dumbing down the lessons a little. Also there is my innate ability to learn language. ahaha.

Most importantly, I must inform you of my sometimes friend, sometimes enemy, always rival classmate. His name is R.J.. I am an exceptionally gifted student, but so is he. He generally exceeds me in all areas, and has somewhat more discapline and hard-workitude. Whenever I believe I have exceeded him in some respect, it turns out that I only thought this from lack of evidence. Therefore, I have developed a plan to defeatinate him. I must constantly practice writing, drawing, composing, and less important areas like science or performance. I will have my vengeance.


Friday, November 25, 2005

Japanese Students

Today after school, I went to our school library, and guess what. There was a whole class of Japanese students. And I mean, Students from Japan, not students who study japanese. HOLY GARAMBOLY! How cool is that. They crossed an ocean to get here.Wow.

Anyways, I hope they come back on monday.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hey guuyyssss...!

It was beautiful this morning when I got up. It was really early so that it almost felt like nighttime. The fog was like a curtain over everything. The streetlights were filtered, and... well, it was really spiffy.

In other news, my friend Billi was complaining about how he had a B in math. Apparently, he had made a deal with his mom where he didnt have to have a tutor unless he didnt get an A. seriously. I have a C. Murr...

Harsh. Anyways, I should go now.


Monday, November 21, 2005


I haffa post quick In socials today we touched on the victorian era and I have wanted tea all day I love tea Especially Earl Grey and Darjeeling and Chai I think that tea is really awesome Je pense que the est tres sensas I think Everybody drink tea should It is a dark day I will not get a chance for good walking I had a nice fog walk yesterday I really enjoyed it I have to go now thank you very much everybody goodbye see you haha


Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Sky

Wow. The sky today is the most beautiful sky evar. It makes me think of the tropics... I am getting that travel lust again. And plus, G- Saffy, Tsurumi-sensei is my teach. Er.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I had 2 tests... and I got my japanese test returned. 91%. ^.^
The class average is 89%. Tsurumi-sensei is not so great if that is the class average. I have a third test in twenty minutes. Science. not so much hard. my other tests were in math and english. I have a risk of failing math. This is the first time I've had a risk of failing anything.